The sun is shining again, the trees are budding and our backyard looks like someone blew up a port-a-potty back there. It must be spring. Normally our winters here in the Okanagan Valley of beautiful British Columbia are all about short-stay snow. It falls, hangs around for a bit and then melts. Not this year – we got dumped on almost everyday – it went on forever – it didn’t melt – it just piled up and up and up.

Speaking of dumps, our two dogs have been diligently trained to use a designated area of the backyard as their doggie loo. I know – impressive, hey? Well apparently our fancy pants dogs don’t like pooping in what literally became a snow and shit sandwich – maybe a snow and shit layer cake is a better way to describe what happened this winter – poo, covered with snow, more poo, more snow, more poo… I know you are thanking me for the visual on this.

Anyways, our well trained fanny fudge makers decided enough was enough and started baking their brownies all over the yard – now as the snow melts we are left with what is essentially a fecal minefield.

I’m all for gender equality and I believe that women can do anything men do but I must admit that there are times I really like the concept of pink and blue jobs – this is one of those times. I will take scrubbing dog slobber off my stainless steel appliances over standing in a sea of butt-truffles and scrubbing down the poop-deck any day.

Happy spring!