Thank you

It’s too hard to say goodbye so instead we say thank you. 

Thank you for teaching us about patience, perseverance and loyalty. 

Thank you for getting expelled from doggy daycare and showing us that the forest was your place. It became our place too. 

Thank you for going to the front window at 3:30pm to wait patiently for one (or both) of us to get  home from work. Even when it was hard for you to get up, you still did it. 

Thank you for being gentle and patient as we welcomed new furry family members into our home – first Lola, then Luna. And thank you for grieving with us when Lola left too soon. 

Thank you for comforting us whenever we received bad news, when we were afraid and when we lost people we loved. 

Thank you for the strong, confident, self-assured look you always gave us when we fussed over you before leaving on vacation.

Thank you for the pure joy you showed us on  every single one of your 14 birthdays we celebrated together. 

Thank you for being the self-appointed king of the neighbourhood and watching over your subjects from our front deck. We know you are still there looking out for us. 

Thank you for answering to what ever name we called you in the moment – Diego, Mr D, D-man, Diablo, Dirty D, Mr Floppy Lips, D-machine, Prince Hairy, Mr Handsome… 

Thank you for guarding us every time we went into the bathroom and closed the door.  We were never sure what you were protecting us from, but thank you.

Thank you for being strong enough at age 12 to bounce back from major surgery. You gave us two and a half more years to love you. 

Thank you for doing a celebratory dance every single time we fed you. 

Thank you for all your velvet lip kisses and gentle pawing for more affection. 

Thank you for being willing to sit in the “chariot” so we could go for walks with you when you were no longer able to on your own. 

Thank you for the ache that starts somewhere behind our eyes and runs deep into our cores. We wouldn’t hurt this much  if we didn’t love you so deeply … and for that we will always be grateful. 

🌈Run pain free, Diego. Find Lola and play tug. We will always love you. You were the bestest boy, just like we knew you would be. 

Diego Suave, Supreme Ruler of Everything 

April 1, 2007 – November 6, 2021