Bad Eats


Our lab Diego (aka Mr D) turns 12 in just a couple days. Twelve is pretty impressive for a large pure bred Chocolate Labrador who has a thing for “foreign body ingestion” – a term we learned from our vet shortly after welcoming this big brown wildebeest into our lives. 

Here are some of the most memorable of Diego’s bad eats:

A plaster statue of himself. 

A couch – but it was his couch, so maybe that makes it less bad…?

Panties, lots of panties – he would poop them out like a line of colourful hankies being pulled from a magician’s sleeve… often in a public place like a dog park or busy hiking trail. You are welcome for that visual. 

A bar stool seat – it wasn’t his barstool so that probably makes it more bad.

Entire bars of soap – which he would later projectile vomit (unchewed and extra slippery) across the room, along with a spray of fluffy bubbles. 

Drywall and a door frame – apparently they were in the way. 

The steering wheel, console and inside door panels of our jeep. 

And finally… STEEL WOOL SOAP PADS! After trying the least invasive approach which involved a couple days of feeding him extra large portions of food covered in Metamucil and combing through his gel covered doo-doos it became apparent they weren’t going to pass easily, go figure! When our vet went in to surgically remove those soapy scratchy blue delights, there were SIX! He is still making payments on that vet bill 😉

Do you have a “special” dog like Mr D? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments. 

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